Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Honest Scrap Award

Awhile back I got a blog award from my friend Jenny over at Erasing Shades of Grey! Thanks, Jenny! I'm not totally sure what it's about, but apparently I have to tell you five things about me. You are all in for a treat!! Just kidding, I'm not really that egotistical. ;-)

1. I am very self-reliant, almost to a fault sometimes. I refuse to ask anyone for help until I've exhausted every means of doing something or finding something myself. For example, in a store I will wander around for half an hour trying to find something rather than just ask a sales associate (and I'm rather embarrassed to admit that there have been times I've gone without the desired item due to my stubborn refusal to ask--how dumb is that?). If I'm confused by a school assignment, I'll read it over and over again to make sure I can't figure it out on my own before asking the professor. I won't ask anyone to do anything for me unless I absolutely need it and absolutely can't do it myself. I haven't figured out quite why this is such a matter of pride with me, but I think I just enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I've done something all by myself. I think it ties into my being a hands-on learner, actually.

2. I used to think I was a dog person rather than a cat person. I liked cats too, but I always had dogs growing up and it wasn't til every attempt I made to get a dog the last few years fell through that I decided to "settle" for a cat. Now I'm pretty sure I'm a cat person. ;-) I fell head over heels for my two kitty cats and can't imagine life without them! I still love dogs and want one eventually, but I don't think they're near as entertaining and eccentric as cats. Cats just do the oddest, craziest things on a regular basis; every aspect of their personalities just fascinates and makes me laugh very hard.

3. I'm obsessed with cookbooks and recipe blogs. One shelf in my pantry is almost full of cookbooks. I use them, too!

4. I twirl my hair in my fingers incessantly. It used to bug the crap out of Andrew but he's given up trying to get me to stop because I just can't do it, haha. I get very self-conscious about doing it in class because I'm afraid I'm annoying anyone sitting behind me, but the other day I decided not to care. My fingers won't be still and it helps me concentrate. If anyone ever complains, I'll tell them that when they stop asking dumb questions in class I'll stop playing with my hair. ;-)

5. My love language is quality time. This goes for my relationship with my husband as well as with other people; I feel the most loved when someone wants to hang out with me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter, and other things

It has been brought to my attention that I need to post. I have known this, but as usual letting myself go so long without posting has made it daunting to get started again. I'll give a few short updates and then share about the weekend and start fresh from there.

* I started up school again the last week of March, and this quarter I'm going full time--another math class, English 101, and Intro to Business. It's definitely a completely different experience from last quarter where I was only taking the one math class! The classes I'm taking may be basic, but the amount of homework and studying required is definitely keeping me on my toes. It helps that I'm loving the classes though. My English professor is a little odd, but I look forward to class every day because he is more interested in critical reading than writing and we are spending more time reading and discussing essays this quarter than we are writing, which suits me just fine. I love the discussions with my classmates. As for my business professor, he is everyone's dream professor. He's genuinely funny and interesting, and I never imagined I would enjoy such a "dry" class so much.

* As with any "update" that is Army-related, I always hesitate to make any definitive statements because every time I say one thing, it's completely changed by the next week. I am completely paranoid about saying anything now. =P But, it appears to be fairly certain that we will be PCSing to Ft. Bliss, Texas in August. I'm reasonably excited. I am going to miss Washington painfully, but I've really been getting the urge to move and Bliss will certainly be adventure. It is also not as horrible as I've always heard either. I have really learned the last few years not to pay too much attention to the opinions of other people and keep an open mind about things. Anyway, I will say more about this when Andrew has officially reenlisted and we have orders in our hands and I don't feel like I'm "tempting fate."

I think those are the two biggest things going on right now. So there, you're all updated. =)

On Easter, I decided I needed to do something I'd never done before. That's right, folks, I have never dyed Easter eggs. Growing up, Easter was a pagan holiday in my house (as were most other holidays on the calendar that pretty much everyone else I know has fond childhood memories of =P). My parents did not allow us to celebrate Easter in any way, shape or form. I remain puzzled as to how cute children dancing about on the grass with cute baskets searching for brightly colored eggs can possibly lead to dancing naked in the woods around a ritual fire chanting to the goddesses, but be that as it may. I can't really make up for the fact that I've never experienced an Easter egg hunt in my deprived childhood, but at least I could decorate some eggs! Andrew was all for helping me, so I think we've started a nice little tradition this year that I'd like to continue. =)

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Next year I'm going to be more prepared and have more supplies, but it was a fun first attempt!