Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smear Ads

Politics are currently at a white heat in Washington, much like anywhere else. Political ads take up most of the ad space on TV and the radio, and it's difficult not to be annoyed at how deceptive many of them are. One thing I'm noticing is how hard Democrats are trying to sound like Republicans. The normal theme of Democrats (and not-so-conservative Republicans--let's not leave them out!) is "Spend, spend, spend--the end justifies the means!" But this election, they know how angry the American people are with the massive deficit and how likely it is that they are going to lose their jobs for it. Therefore, they ignore their own horrific records for spending and howl that their Republican opponents are for sure going to spend our grandkids' fortunes as if they are suddenly alarmed at the consequences of such behavior!

Take the hottest race, for instance, between Republican Dino Rossi and Democrat Sen. Patty Murray. Murray's ads against Rossi are ludicrous in their inaccuracy. Rossi's record is very near flawless when it comes to his views/actions on spending and taxes. He is a conservative. The current appalling state deficit is not one iota his fault. Yet Murray continues to try to scare Washingtonians with what Rossi is GOING to do, which, according to her, is spend us into oblivion and have special taxes just for the middle class. It is simply NOT TRUE. But Murray can't talk about her own record because even the state's leading newspapers have pointed out that she spends tons of our tax dollars in ways they should not be spent. What do you talk about in a political ad when your record is exactly what Americans are angry with and your only promise is more of the same? Why, lie about your opponent of course. Rossi just wants to spend tons of your money! Rossi wants to send YOUR job overseas! (No, it's actually Democrats who have caused jobs to move overseas; if you can't make it in America because of all the stupid regulations and government monopolies, who can blame you for going overseas?) Rossi doesn't fight for veterans (haha, ridiculous)! Rossi doesn't want millionaires to have to pay taxes! (No, he just thinks everyone in America should pay their share--an equal percentage. Isn't that what this country is all about? Fairness to everyone? What is fair and American about taxing the crap out of a millionaire just because there's someone else who doesn't have as much?!) Rossi hates children! and puppies! (Okay, so I made that up.)

I am fed up with this nonsense. And I pray Washingtonians aren't stupid enough to buy it. If you WANT tons of spending, love big government, and want to pay most of your income in taxes, so be it--vote for Patty Murray! It's a free country; you can vote for whatever and whoever you want to. But please don't be dumb and vote for her based on her Rossi attack ads! =)

[You might as well get used to my talking politics for awhile...I am all charged up for this election and I have several posts I want to get out over the next few weeks. Haha]


  1. Okay you already know this but I'm sooooooo with you!!! I hate that ads and the media control everything and the actual issues are completely disregarded. People want to talk more about a candidate being a "witch" than what's really going on in this country, grr. Makes me so mad! Thanks for sharing my frustrations : )

  2. Thanks for sharing my frustration too! And is this going on in Michigan too? Democrats attacking Republicans for issues and trying to sound "conservative"? I don't get it! If you want to get re-elected, become more conservative. Don't accuse your actually conservative opponent of being liberal when your record is horrific!