Sunday, November 28, 2010


I love Thanksgiving! I look forward to turkey and gravy all year. Haha

This year felt a little weird. It was actually my first Thanksgiving without any family at all. Our first year of marriage I was stuck in Florida, handling the move of all our stuff to Washington, so I spent it with my family and without Andrew. The second year my brother David came to visit us for Thanksgiving. Last year, Andrew was in Iraq, but my 4 oldest siblings came to visit and keep me from being alone. So this year it was just us. I am so thankful to have my husband home though that nothing else mattered.

One of the best things about military life is learning to find "family" when your blood family is far away. I've been so blessed to meet so many people here who are truly family to me. They have been here for me in the good times, the bad times, and the random in-between times. We have shared tears and much, much laughter, and formed the kind of bonds that can only occur between people sharing the same experiences, trials, and joys. I love my military friends so much. Even when we all go our separate ways (which happens far too often in our world), I'm going to treasure all the memories I've made the past few years and the fantastic people I've made them with. Anyway, I think that sums up what I'm most thankful for this year: spending holidays with family, even if they aren't my blood family!
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Dinner at Gabe and Tasneem's
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The girls: Aimee, me, Kristi, Gina, Jennifer, and Tasneem

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I was tasked with baking the turkey, since I'm the only one who knew how, haha.

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No family holiday get-together is complete without games. Yay Rock Band!


  1. OMG, Rock Band is amazing. Did you even know any of the songs?

    See, all those Thanksgivings cooking for a million people paid off: you know how to make a turkey.