Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Concerts and Comedy

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to see the Afters, Sanctus Real, and Casting Crowns in concert as a part of their Come to the Well tour. They were incredible!

I mostly went for Sanctus Real, even though they only sang about 5 songs. I have been a fan of them ever since I started listening to Christian music a lot, but their latest album, "Pieces of a Real Heart," has meant the most to me. It came out at a time in my life when I was struggling a lot spiritually and emotionally, and every song on that album blessed me in some way. But it was great to see Casting Crowns, one of the first artists I started listening to when I started going "rebellious" and listening to that "devil music with a beat," and The Afters as well.

The Afters were on first. Here they are belting out "Never Going Back to OK."

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Sanctus Real next. Awesome guys.

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This is not the most flattering picture of him, but I think I might have a wee bit of a musician crush on Matt, the lead singer. Is that allowed? ;-)

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Here's my favorite song of theirs, "I'm Forgiven," which they performed at the concert.

Casting Crowns was last. They are fantastic live, and I will definitely be downloading their new album when it comes out. The songs they sang from it were great.

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Overall, a great night. If you enjoy Christian music, check to see if the Come to the Well tour is coming to a town near you!

On Friday night, Andrew and I went to a comedy show at the club on post. I won tickets by answering a question correctly on the Ft. Bliss MWR's Facebook page. I didn't care for two of the acts; although they did make me laugh plenty, they just weren't the kind of comedians I enjoy. But the 2nd act I thoroughly enjoyed. The comedian was Steve Hofstetter and he is hilarious. He does use profanity a lot, but he is not nasty just for the point of being nasty (which is why I hate the majority of comedians--is normal life not easy enough to make fun of without resorting to non-stop filth?). Here's a good bit of his if you've never heard of him:

Anyway, it was a fun week for live entertainment!

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  1. Oooh Casting Crowns and the Afters will be at First Baptist @Jax Nov 17, I really want to go! I think Aunt Terri is coming too :)