Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall TV

I thought I'd give food a rest and talk about what I think of the fall TV line-up. It's no secret I don't have much of a life right now due to not having a car or a job and school not starting til January, so my days consist of keeping the house clean, finding yummy recipes to cook and bake, organizing projects, and DVRing any show that sounds interesting. Heh heh.

So here are my opinions on what I'm watching these days, both new shows and ones I've been watching for years.


Dancing with the Stars
Other than JR, the former soldier who came back from Iraq severely burned after an incident with an IED and has become a well-known motivational speaker, this season has been pretty bleh to me. If JR doesn't make it to the end (and he should, because he is an excellent dancer, let alone amazing person), I'll probably stop watching because I don't like most of the rest of the cast. Horrible dancers like Chaz Bono, who looks like he's never done a lick of exercise in his life and doesn't deserve to be left on the show week after week just because he's had a gender change, are being saved and good ones are going home.

How I Met Your Mother
As legen--wait for it!--dary as ever.

2 Broke Girls
The amusing previews and unusual premise made me want to check this one out. I am really enjoying it so far. But it needs more plot development or it's going to crash and burn very quickly. A show can't survive on the main characters tossing one-liners at each other alone. The conclusion is that I'm going to keep watching but if it doesn't get more organized soon, I'll probably get bored. By the way, it's refreshing to see a main character of a sitcom who is neither extremely overweight or a size 2...because let's face it, that's nearly always Hollywood's only options. "America is tired of unrealistic skinny girls? Okay, let's have one who is unhealthily overweight to make them feel better about themselves!"

Two and a Half Men
We've always only watched re-runs of this show, but all the furor over Charlie Sheen's meltdowns and the announcement the show was continuing without him made us curious. So we checked out the premiere, and discovered the show can actually work without Sheen. Ashton Kutcher is hilarious. I'm sure it won't last forever but I'm glad the show sent a message to egotistical, self-destructive actors that they aren't as indispensable as they might think they are.

The same good show as ever! 

Raising Hope
My friend Amy got me into this show last year, and Andrew likes it too because the humor reminds him of one of his favorite shows, My Name is Earl. It's cute, wildly eccentric, and funny.

I seriously only watch this show because of the awesome singing and dancing. And occasionally it makes me laugh.

This is one of my favorites of the brand new shows. I love Poppy Montgomery and I love the show's premise, about a police detective with an very rare disorder that allows her to never forget anything she's ever seen. I got interested in it when I heard it's actually a real disorder: it's called HSAM (highly superior autobiographical memory). Another actress has HSAM and serves as a consultant on the show. Anyway, it's good and I hope it sticks around!

Body of Proof
This show is kinda dumb and tries too hard to be funny. But yet I keep watching it, mostly because I enjoy seeing the medical examiner side of things. Once I get super busy again it'll probably be one of the first ones I drop. 


Criminal Minds
What can I say? It remains my favorite show. I'm glad the crew is back together again. I do have one minor complaint for the show's writers though--why are they always showing us who the perp is from the very beginning now? I don't like that. I've been watching re-runs from old seasons on A&E and I preferred how you wouldn't know the guilty person until near the end. Oh well. It's still completely awesome.

Law & Order: SVU
I was upset when they announced Stabler was leaving and Benson was only doing a few episodes. However, I decided to give it a chance, and the result is that I'm sure I'll keep watching. They are handling the transition of the new detectives very well. I'll miss the Stabler/Benson duo very much, but at least the new duo is promising.

CSI (Las Vegas)
Another show I only watch if I have time. But it's entertaining, and the new guy is interesting.


Big Bang Theory
Love, love, love. As always.

Person of Interest
This is another show that caught my eye for its unusual premise. A super computer system that watches everyone and can tell they are going to be involved in some kind of crime. But it doesn't know whether the person is the perpetrator or the victim, and that is Jim Caviezel's character's job to find out and then stop the crime from happening. It's sort of sci-fi as far as the super computer is concerned, but the rest works out more like a crime thriller. It's interesting.


Gary Sinise is such a good guy. His show makes me roll my eyes very often. But it's probably my favorite of the CSIs. 


We got Showtime free for a few months with our new cable set-up, and since I was just finishing up the seasons of Dexter out on DVD, it worked out perfectly to start watching the new season. Dexter isn't for everyone, but I find it fascinating.

Pan Am
This show is so pretty. I'm enjoying it so far; we'll see where it goes.

So...that's it. Please don't judge my excessive TV watching during this brief period in my life. ;-)


  1. We only have Netflix, so I miss some of these shows! I love Raising Hope, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, NCIS, SVU, and Criminal Minds, but only a few of those are available. But we're making up for it by finding new shows we never tried before!

  2. I LOVE Dexter! We have been really enjoying the Homeland show that comes on afterwards about a returning POW who appears to of been "turned" and is now a terrorist and a few CIA agents who are suspicious of the man. Very intriguing to say the least!

  3. Heh that IS a lot of TV lol But hey, you have an excuse...

    I'm almost never able to see the new episodes when they air, and we don't have DVR :'( That means I haven't seen any of Criminal Minds or L&O-SVU even though I love them.

    I haven't seen Person of Interest, but it kinda reminds me of Minority Report, from the summary.

    I do want to see 2 Broke Girls and Unforgettable now...