Saturday, November 26, 2011

Missing People

I'm having a bit of a self-pity day. I miss my life in Washington. More specifically, I miss my friends. I miss having someone to do something with, no matter what it was. I miss my full calendar as well as the spontaneous get-togethers.

Sometimes friendship takes effort, such as when disagreements happen or they're just starting, but most of the time I feel true friendship doesn't require much effort after awhile. It's when there's no stress involved in spending time with each other. You just do it. "Everyone come over for coffee tomorrow morning! Just not before 9 or I'll be in my pajamas." Or "Hey, I'm going to the mall later; wanna join?" Or "I need coffee. Meet me at 2?"


I miss these girls.

"Without friends no one would choose to live." - Aristotle


  1. I agree sarah... I miss my friends too.. i hate the having to make new friends and figureing things out again thing that us wives have to do.

  2. *hugs*

    I know it was really hard for you to move to WA, and it'll take some time here, but you'll have friends, I know it. You're a sweet, generous person, and I'm sorry you're hurting right now.

  3. i approve of ths picture of me.
    and i miss you too!

  4. I had this day a few days ago. I really miss all my WA friends as well. (and so many other things about WA)