Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cleaning a Stove with Baking Soda

This afternoon I am a very happy housewife. I feel like someone came and installed a brand new stove in my kitchen!

Out of all of the rooms in my house, my kitchen gets deep-cleaned the most regularly. I spend a lot of time in it, so I keep it clean. When we moved in, I noticed how dirty the stove was. However, nothing I did seemed to get rid of the nasty black and brown stains around the burners from grease and food particles. I hated looking at that stovetop! I felt like a horrible housekeeper. Not even a magic eraser took it off, and that's when I gave up! I figured it was hopeless.

Today I decided I'd try again. I had tried using baking soda on it one other time, but I didn't do it right because it didn't seem to do anything. I figured I'd try one more time though, because I'd read all over the blogosphere about people working magic with baking soda.

I took 1/2 cup of baking soda and added 1/2 cup of water. Then I dipped a microfiber sponge in it and started scrubbing. I used a toothbrush too. To my amazement, stains were coming up! That's when I grabbed my camera, because any good cleaning project needs before, during, and after photos. ;-)

This is one side of the stove. Gross, huh?? I had already started scrubbing the other side, and it looked much worse!

The whole stove after I was done scrubbing. This wasn't a quick project, btw. It definitely took some elbow grease and my arms are tired! But like I said, it was this dirty when we moved in so I have no idea how many years' worth of gunk had piled up.

Holy cow.

This is the same side that was pictured earlier. Also note how clean the burner caps are too!

 I need to tackle the grates next--they are rather awkward to handle and I just didn't have time today. But I did work a little on the middle one and could tell that all that black stuff was going to come off too.

If you've got a stove covered with built-up stains, give baking soda a try! =)


  1. im so doing this tomorrow. our burner things are awful. i swear i wonder if the people who lived in this house knew what stove cleaner was every time i look at them. ive tried scrubbing them sooo many times and nothing so far has worked.

  2. Wow! That is holy awesomeness. I am so going to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, that looks amazing! I'm going to have to remember this for the future.

  4. I just used an old knife to remove the real big brown stains.

  5. Great, thanks for sharing. It is easier to remove the stains if the baking soda is left on the stove for 10-20 mins. bye-bye greasy stains :)

  6. Also works on the inside of the oven... although it is worth checking to see if the oven door comes off.