Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break!

My spring break from school sure crept up on me! My last school didn't have spring break since they had quarters instead of semesters. Anyway, this is usually what people think of when they think "spring break":

Alas, that will not be me. My spring break will be spent at home. Sigh.

I have a rather massive amount of homework to do this week, most of which is for English class. Also, my house is a mess, so some spring cleaning is definitely gon' be happ'nin' all up in here, yo. (Sorry about that, I'm watching an episode of The Wire so I can send it back to Netflix and the 'hood lingo is catching.) But I want to have some lazy time too. So I've laid out a schedule for myself which includes one school task and one cleaning task a day, and once those are done I can do whatever I want. Woohoo! Except today I'm doing things a little backwards since our mail comes early and I want to get this DVD back to Netflix. ;-) 

The other day I realized I still haven't posted about my new baby: the 12-cup KitchenAid  food processor my wonderful husband bought me for Valentine's Day! I am in love. It's been so much fun to play with! One thing I'm planning to do this weekend is make egg rolls. I have an awesome recipe for homemade ones that I rarely make because without a food processor, chopping the veggies for the filling is a huge pain. But now the only time-consuming part is actually filling and frying them. Stay tuned for the recipe later this week!

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  1. I'm excited for the egg roll recipe! I just got a food processor!

    I'm on spring break after this week and can't wait even though like you, I won't be sitting on a sandy beach. I'll be doing homework and cleaning too! ;)