Thursday, August 30, 2012

Officially a food nazi?

People who know me well have begun realizing I'm one of those types who stands there reading labels in the grocery store (and most likely putting the item back on the shelf with disgust), rails against processed food, and gets angered by the nasty chemicals that are allowed to be in our food. But if you don't know me well, I can demonstrate that the above is true. 

Last night I was taking a little quiz online for my government class. Here was one of the questions:

Which of the following is NOT a public good provided to you as a resident of this country by the government?

1) Safe food
2) Military defense
3) Paved roads
4) Crime Prevention
5) Job security

My hand immediately moved to click on the "safe food" option. 

And then my common sense kicked in and I realized that actually "job security" would be the answer the program was going to be looking for. Haha!

But I still maintain that both 1) and 5) should be considered the correct answers! ;-)


  1. That's so funny! I will say our food is safer than a lot of countries, though. Even highly processed food is better than food grown with dangerous water. =o/ But thankfully we do have a choice here what we can eat!

    1. True, but I still find it pretty revolting that such a rich and "smart" country like the U.S. still has a McDonalds on every street corner and grocery stores full of crap. =P We should be better than this.

  2. I agree with you.
    Safe food IS hard to come by. That's why I love growing as much as we can and also trading and buying at our local Farmer's markets. I also love how organic is more popular now and maybe labels will start reflecting what exactly is in everything we eat :)