Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am addicted to finding and printing out new recipes online.

There, it's out there in the open. Unfortunately that's the last step in addiction recovery I intend to take for this problem. I don't think I need to feel guilty for it, however, because 1) all my random, printed-out recipes are FINALLY neatly organized by category and stored in a binder inside plastic page protectors, and 2) I actually try them. The last month's meals have for the most part consisted of brand new recipes I have found online and in magazines, and only two of them so far have I trashed afterward (recipes, not the meals). Not that they were BAD; they just weren't amazing enough to make again. But the rest have been fantastic.

You can all wish you were my husband now. (He's pretty much the most awesome guinea pig ever, since he has a stomach lining made of cast-iron as well as taste buds efficient enough to tell me when something is particularly good.)


On a completely unrelated subject, I have figured out, at long last, a perfect response for when I get asked when we're having kids (which happens far more often than should be socially acceptable in my opinion). From now on, I am going to reply with, "As of right now, Andrew and I have no desire whatsoever to create life, either now or in the future." Can anyone really argue with that? I would like to thank Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for a phrase that helped me think of this response. LOL


  1. haha love the response to nosy people!!

  2. I think that would shut them up, lol :)

  3. Very very jealous of Andrew lol I still want to try the shrimp pasta you posted months and months ago.

    Haha, Mom's going to be waiting a while for grandkids.....

  4. You really don't want to have kids ever? Like, in your whole life?

    I find that it's extremely irritating that the questions never stop - first it's, 'when are you getting married,' then, 'when are you having your first baby,' then, 'when's the next one coming?' I'm seriously afraid it's never going to end. If I had more than what was acceptable, I'm sure it would be, 'are you having more?'

  5. Nope, we don't want them at all, ever. =)