Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, I figured it was about time I updated this thing!

One of the most exciting events of the year for a lot of us Army people is the battalion ball, which happened this past Saturday night. I was particularly excited for this one since I have gotten to know so many awesome people in the battalion during the deployment! It was a blast getting all dolled up, seeing my hubby in his dress uniform, and getting to hang out with all of my friends. The evening was over far too soon, but we all definitely partied our little hearts out! :-)

That night I and the other FRG leaders were also presented with the Commander's Award for Public Service, which none of us were expecting! It was such an honor, and I'm so thankful I've gotten the opportunity to volunteer for such an amazing and appreciative unit. Not everyone is this lucky!

In other news, on Monday I finally broke the news to my boss that I'm quitting next month. My last day will be October 15th. I am so excited and nervous at the same time at saying goodbye to full-time office work. As much as I've grown to dislike it (my brain feels like it's atrophying here!), it has become my niche, in a way, and it's always intimidating to venture out of your comfort zone. But I'm so relieved that I'll be done here soon and can set off on the road of being able to spend more time with my husband, devote my full attention to the FRG, and start working toward my goal of going to college and getting a degree. I am hoping to find a part-time job on post but we'll see what happens.

Last week I started reading Boundaries, by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. I'm sure I'll talk about it more when I'm done with it, but this book is without doubt a life-changing one for me. Partly due to my background, I'm a people-pleaser, very compliant, easily guilt-tripped, and have a very hard time saying no to anything. This book addresses people like me and helps them recognize these traits and pull ourselves out of them. It's written from a very Christian perspective, which I appreciate, and has been extremely eye-opening. I'll give a full review after I'm done with it, but I can't help but mention it now since I'm excited about it!


  1. Boundaries is changing my life quite a bit!!!

    You look beautiful all dressed up for the ball!! :)

  2. I was just recommending Boundaries to someone, though I've never read the whole thing myself (I just hear good things). I should dig it out, if I still own it.

    Am I seeing things or did someone else have your exact same dress? It's cute, though!

  3. Thanks, Anna! And I'm so glad you talked about the book on your LJ. =)

    Jessica: Yeah, there was more than one person there that night with my dress, haha. But there were a couple different colors and all different body types, so it managed to look the same but also very different.