Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Updatey Things

+ It's funny how it can only take a few months to not be accustomed to cool temperatures anymore! It is currently about 67 degrees right now in El Paso and extremely windy. There is so much dust blowing around that you can't see very far into the distance, and the mountains are hidden. Apparently this is what the weather is like here late fall through spring though so I'd better get used to it!

+ I had a very healthy breakfast (spinach/fruit/yogurt/flaxseed smoothie) and a very healthy lunch (quinoa veggie pilaf and a sweet potato), so now I'm making up for it with nutella chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. One day I will have a completely healthy diet. But today is not that day. ;-)

+ Last night I'm pretty sure I had another mini-stroke, the first one in about 3 years. It still wasn't as bad as my first one, but there's nothing at all fun about seeing black spots, then feeling your brain go into a deep fog, your hand go numb, and a dull headache to finish it all off. Ugh.

+ Our passports came in the mail today. It's always stressful waiting for them, especially the closer you get to your trip, so I'm thankful they came in after only 2 weeks. Now, I just have to worry that Andrew's leave won't be approved for some reason or my in-laws will get snowed in and not be able to make their flight! Ha. I've mentioned it on Facebook but not here, but in case anyone missed it: my amazing in-laws are taking us on a cruise for Christmas! I've never been on a cruise so I am super excited. They even booked us an outside room with a balcony. Watching Caribbean sunsets every night for a week? I'll take it. =)

+ I've decided to get a Kindle. I've been extremely resistant to the idea of an e-reader for some time now, and honestly I think I will always prefer real books, but I realized this last move that my book situation is really out of control for this point in my life. Maybe one day, when I have a permanent house and still no kids so I can devote a whole room to being an old-fashioned library, I can buy zillions of books and never get rid of any of them. But until then, I need to stop buying books. I have no room for them. =( I've decided on the Kindle Touch without 3G, I think:
+ Speaking of books, I've finished two since I made my goal of reading 25 by the end of the year. (Yes, I read fast.)

+ I've been accepted to El Paso Community College and also had my major approved by MyCAA for funding. Next step is registering once my transcripts get sent over! I'm so excited to start school again. As much as I enjoy being only a housewife every once in awhile, I can't do it for too long.

+ That's all for now. Happy November!


  1. I LOVE my Kindle obsessively. I was anti e-reader too, but I seriously go nowhere without my kindle now. I have the regular Kindle, since the touch wasn't out when I got mine. I have 3G, which is AWESOME if you finish a book unexpectedly and don't have internet. I am assuming the touch is still e-ink and not a computer/ipad type screen? That is my favorite thing about the kindle.

  2. Yes, it's e-ink too! It is so tempting to get the 3G, but I'm afraid that will cause me to spend too much money and make too many spontaneous purchases, lol. I'm going to have to budget my books or I'll be in trouble!

  3. I've never heard of spinach in a smoothie. Could you taste it? And I still have yet to try Nutella!

    I didn't even know you'd had strokes before! Do they run in your family? I'm so sorry you have them. Is there anything you can do? *hugs*

    Your vacation sounds absolutely lovely! I'm glad you guys get to go. :)

    If I didn't have such a fabulous library, I might be tempted to get a Kindle. I love reading, too!

    I know you've said before, but what are you going to school for? I'm excited for you!

  4. Carol, no you can't taste the spinach at all! The fruit (particularly banana) are way stronger flavors. =) It's an awesome way to get more veggies in your diet without having to sit and eat them all day.

    Yeah, I've had several mini-strokes since 2006. They are harmless in themselves, but they do mean you're more likely to have a real stroke one day. I try not to think about that. =P

    I'm going to school for an eventual degree in nutrition. =)

  5. Yes, I'm glad you introduced me to spinach in smoothies: I'd never eat spinach otherwise.

    A may come when our taste for cake fails, and we forsake all dove chocolate and break all bonds with chocolate chip cookies. But it is not this day. An hour of spinach and protein shakes when the world of sweets comes crashing down! But it is NOT this day! This day we eat!!

    So WA had clouds and rain from fall to spring, El Paso has dust storms I guess :P

  6. Going on a cruise sounds like a TON of fun! I'm sure it will all work out fine :)

    Wow, mini-strokes? Those sound awful. =/ I hope you don't have another one.