Friday, December 7, 2012


This semester of school is almost over! It's been the easiest one I've experienced so far, but I've still been feeling remarkably drained and uncreative the last month or so. I can't even manage to come up with decent words on my Words with Friends games--how sad is THAT?

Just two more days and it's time for massive amounts of gym time (to make up for all the time in the kitchen when my cooking/baking bug comes back *cough*), TV & movie time, house-cleaning (this place needs major attention, man), regular blog posts, reading, and SLEEP! Also time to cling to the Husband to the point of annoyance before he leaves me very soon for a stint in a not-so-safe Middle Eastern country. =(

Until then, here's a picture of my Christmas decor. Isn't it purty??


  1. I was JUST thinking yesterday that I wanted a blog post from you :P I feel ya on the uncreative bit, just sleeeeeep.

  2. I love your little house. :) Very cute and festive.