Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 Foods I really wish I liked

I grew up a rather picky eater. Some foods I have learned to like, mostly because of trying it cooked in different ways at restaurants or in my own kitchen, like mashed potatoes, eggs, zucchini, and broccoli. But there are some foods I have always despised and apparently always will. Some foods I don't really care that I don't like. Others, I really really wish I liked them because they always seem to put so much flavor in recipes. Not to mention it severely limits my restaurant dish choices sometimes!

Here's a list of foods I hate but really really wish I liked.

1) Corn.
Corn is probably my most hated food. I almost have a psychological fear of corn. No matter how it's cooked, I despise it. I can barely stand to look at this picture. I can force myself to eat it if I'm served it at someone's house, but it takes a lot of willpower. I've also never tried corned beef because it has the word "corn" in it.

2) Celery.
Gross. I hate the flavor, I hate the crunch.

3) Olives
Chopped olives in a dish are a sure way to have me shuddering with horror.

4) Onions
Now, onions can be a little complicated. Overall, I don't like them. I refuse to eat them raw. I can tolerate them in dishes if they are cooked down to mush. I will occasionally add them to soups and stews because I like the flavor and they help tenderize meat, but I either leave them in huge chunks so I can pick them out easily, or make sure they're chopped so fine I won't notice them once they're cooked down. With onions it's more of a texture thing with me than a flavor. Also, I do like green onions, surprisingly enough. I can't explain why.

5) Cucumbers
I have tried cucumbers so many times, determined to like them. I like most vegetables, so why not cucumbers? But it's impossible. I just can't like them.

6) Avocado
Again, another food I have tried over and over again hoping I'll like it, yet I never do. I feel especially lame when I go to a Mexican restaurant and order my meal with no guacamole. I'm pretty sure they walk back to the kitchen thinking, "Stupid American white girl, why is she even here??" and I don't blame them one bit.

7) Peppers
It makes me really sad that I don't like peppers. There are so many recipes I find with almost no ingredients besides peppers and I can never make them. But alas, peppers remain yuck on my palate.

8) Thyme
Thyme is technically an herb, not a food. But I think it counts. I'm crazy about herbs and spices. But I was surprised when I discovered that any dish I put thyme in was ruined for me. I've had to come to the sad realization that I just don't like the flavor of thyme, and it's not worth it to keep ruining dishes in an attempt to change that.


  1. I think you are the only person I have come across that doesnt like corn. I love it. I like celery but only in soup or as a healthy snack with peanut butter. I agree with you on all the other stuff though. I get funny looks about not liking avacodo.

  2. Eeck I think the wraps I made when you came over had onions and celery in them. Maybe even cucumber! I'm sorry! :/. Lol

  3. I think this post is funny because most of your "hates" are on my all time "faves" list! I love avocadoes more than anything and I eat corn a lot too! (Though I have read that we eat too much corn in our diet so you got a leg up on that!) I also love bell peppers, thyme and cucumbers! Do you like anything with corn meal in it - ie tortillas?

  4. I don't like avocadoes either!

  5. OMG! Those are all my favorite foods! Seriously, you don't know what you're missing! If you like crunch and want to like cucumbers, try the smaller english cucumbers- they are so crunchy and delicious, especially in salads!

  6. I wish you liked those foods too! They are all so delicious! Especially olives and avocados. I used to not like either of those, but I realized I loved them after I got married to my husband and I'm so glad I did because I was missing out!

  7. I thought I was the only person who "wished" I liked a food that I just don't like - tomatoes! I love them in everything, just not raw: no slices on my burgers, BLT hold the "T", etc. I feel less Southern because of this!

  8. I love this post, and I agree on most of your stuff! Avocado, cucumbers, and olives fall on my "life would be easier if I liked these foods" list. I can't stand cucumbers.

  9. I definitely feel very weird for not liking most of these foods! Especially since they are basic flavor ingredients in a lot of recipes. =\

    Kelli: I do like corn meal! Which is odd, I know. But it doesn't really taste like corn to me. And I don't mind not having corn in my diet since it's not near as good for you as other veggies (give me a handful of spinach any day over corn!).

    Jamie: I've had English cucumbers too and didn't like them either. =\

    Rachelle: Don't worry! I don't remember disliking the wraps you made, but in any case I really don't have a problem eating things I don't like at other people's houses. I think it's my parents making me eat everything on my plate whether I liked it or not when I was younger. -)

  10. This is by far, one of my most favorite blog posts. I had no idea you were picky: ) It makes me love you even more: )


  11. I wish I wasn't so picky. =( But I'm glad you love me for it. ;)